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Bordering the Pacific Ocean, the San Gabriel Valley and the Sierra Nevada, this city is home to one of the most beautiful and scenic beaches in the United States. It is home to some of California's most popular beaches, including San Clemente, Santa Monica, Huntington Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Bernardino.

It is also part of a large bi-national metropolitan area that shares a border with Mexico and the US state of New Mexico and is located in the middle of an isthmus. The nearby Border Field State Park allows beach-goers from across America to speak their language with those from Mexico, where the beach is called Playas de Tijuana or "Tijuana Beach," marking the border between the United States and Mexico and the borders of the two countries. This bay-to-sea beach includes some of the most beautiful and scenic beaches in California, including San Clemente, Santa Monica, Huntington Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Bernardino. Bordering the San Gabriel Valley, Sierra Nevada, California State University, Long Beach and Riverside County, the city covers an area of about 1.5 million square miles.

Imperial Beach employs lifeguards around the clock for a year and has a full-time medical staff of more than 2,000. The city was founded in June 1887 and owes its name to its location at the intersection of the San Gabriel River and the Pacific Ocean. Imperial Beach covers a total area of about 1.5 million square miles, with a population of about 2 million people.

The estuary, located between Seacoast Drive and Imperial Beach Boulevard, is home to many endangered birds and wildlife and is the second largest estuary in the world after the Gulf of Mexico.

The city is naturally residential and consists of several neighborhoods, including Imperial Beach Boulevard, Seacoast Drive and Imperial Avenue, as well as a number of other streets. Imperial Beach is the most beautiful Southern California beach town and attracts a large number of visitors. Apart from a few small hotels, however, it is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state of California with its approximately 1.5 million inhabitants.

The Pacific Beach shopping district consists of three central streets perpendicular to the beach and parallel to Mission Boulevard. The farmers market is located at the corner of Imperial Beach Boulevard and Imperial Avenue in the heart of the city and takes place on Saturdays from 8 am to 12 pm. From there, you can walk along Imperial Boulevard to Mission Street and then on to Pacific Avenue.

From restaurants to tattoo parlours, shoppers will find a wide range of surf and surf products, from surfboards and surf equipment to surf clothing and accessories. This page lists the most popular shops and restaurants in the Pacific Beach shopping area. You can expand your search for a specific store, restaurant or other type of retail by selecting the available options on the right. See the list of recently rented and rented properties in Imperial County.

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Those who have the money and can afford a place on the coast will move to coastal communities and maintain the beach lifestyle without worrying about pollution. They say they are loyal to Imperial Beach and partly unwilling to move to the shores, but also because of the quality of life and the environment.

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors and the California Department of Environmental Quality (CEQA) in a letter to the board.

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