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Imperial Beach, CA has an impressive beach that stretches the length of its waterfront promenade, called Imperial Beach City Beach. It is a quiet seaside resort surrounded by wetlands, making it one of the best bird watching spots in the state of California. Imperial Beach is the quietest beach in town, but also the best for birds.

Rosie's Dog Beach is an area on Belmont Shore Beach designated by the City of Long Beach as an off-leash dog. The nearby Border Field State Park marks the border with Mexico and allows beach-goers from across America to speak their language with those from Mexico, where the beach is called Playas de Tijuana or "Tijuana Beach." It is also part of a large bi-national metropolitan area that bears the same name as Imperial Beach, CA, the largest city in the state of California. The city borders the cities of San Diego, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange County and Riverside County.

Imperial Beach covers more than 3,500 square kilometers of beaches and employs year-round lifeguards. Imperial Beach comprised a total of 1.5 million square feet of ocean property.

Take a picnic with family and friends in the park, which is located in the heart of Imperial Beach, just a few blocks from the beach. There is so much fun to have and a large number of options are waiting for you; Take a look at this list and you're ready to go to one of the most popular events in Southern California.

Drake's Beach is a long scenic drive that requires a two-hour drive from Imperial Beach to reach this secluded beach, and a short walk from the beach.

The estuary at Seacoast Drive and Imperial Beach Boulevard is home to many endangered birds and wildlife and is celebrated for its natural beauty. Beach volleyball, surfing and bodyboarding are popular, with activities concentrated at the southern end of the beach, near the entrance to San Diego Bay. The Surfboard Museum at Imperial Beach celebrates the history of surfing in the US and the world, as well as its history as a destination for surfers and surfing enthusiasts. Also known for the beauty of its beaches from bay to sea, including historic San Ysidro Beach, the Pacific Ocean and its many picturesque views of San Francisco Bay, it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in California.

The area around Imperial Beach Pier is known as Pier Plaza, and a board on a surfboard bench tells how surfing was influenced by the city's big waves between 1937 and 1950.

Pier Plaza includes a board on a surfboard bench and a statue of the legendary Aquarius and legendary board-former who came to Imperial Beach. The Surhenge, inspired by the monument on Imperial Beach Pier, originally appeared in Longboard Magazine in the fall of 1993 and helped unfold the story of surfing's rise to the top of the California surfing scene from the mid-1940s.

The site is a unique event that fulfills our mission to preserve classic Southern California. For more information and venue availability, visit the Imperial Beach California event page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you need a little help planning the perfect wedding, head to Imperial Beach to get in touch with one of our top-notch local event planners. You will go on a Davey Locker whale watching tour, walk along the pier, look for dolphins, eat a bite, grab a bottle of wine and a glass of champagne, and then spend a night on the beach with friends, family or even a special guest at a local restaurant.

The California Department of Parks and Recreation maintains Border Field State Park, operates the visitor center, coordinates the reserve's educational and interpretation programs, and manages and maintains the visitor center.

The city also hosts a vintage car show on the beach every summer and an annual dog surf competition in summer. If attending an event exceeds the capacity your business can sustain, you want to make sure it's fun. To support the shops, events such as alcohol are not allowed on or near the square, and so the accommodation is rented on a case-by-case basis. Make sure you make it to a sleepy beach town that might be missing on normal days, but make sure you enjoy it.

Sea World San Diego is a pleasant park within walking distance, offering rides, animal shows and shows, and is best for free. It's fun to watch cruise ships in Imperial Beach, and visitors enjoy them, but the sightings at Dana Point and Newport Beach take place during the cruise. Two large community events per month are allowed on the square and the rest of the day is reserved for families who can enjoy the whole day.

Pier Plaza is a public square directly on the beach of Imperial Beach and reserved for special events that grant the applicants permission to host community events - large events. Opened in 1963, Imperial Beach and San Diego's pier offer scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and the city's waterfront. In the 1930s, the area's beach break was used as a vacation resort for mainland Hawaii residents, and a skate park, which proved to be a great venue, was set up as a recreation area.

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